Looking for commercial cleaning services in Essex? You've found us. 

Taybray is one of the leading providers of commercial cleaning services in Essex.

Every year, we manage everything from high level and duct cleaning in warehouses to commercial kitchen cleaning, including equipment cleaning, for hundreds of businesses. We manage cleaning contracts, too. 
Our clients include bars, restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, schools, surgeries, public buildings, and offices. We offer complete commercial cleaning in Essex and the surrounding counties. 
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 
At Taybray, local businesses regard us for our commercial kitchen and kitchen extract cleaning services.

In a relatively short space of time, in a commercial kitchen environment, your surfaces and equipment can quickly attract a layer of grease and grime which, in some cases, can not only cause illness in customers and staff but can also trigger fires and cause long-term damage to expensive equipment.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services include gas, electric and convection oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, and extract, canopy and duct cleaning, plus more. 
If your kitchen is in full-time use, you should schedule weekly and monthly cleaning. We recommend kitchen equipment and extract cleaning every quarter. 
Duct Cleaning 
In commercial buildings such as kitchens, offices and warehouses, air quality is crucial. In such environments, your property's ducts can quickly become contaminated with grime and bacteria which may cause illness.
Your ductwork is the only way air can escape your building and, if blocked, your working environment will become unworkable, which will affect productivity and, in turn, your pocket.

For the best air quality, we recommend you clean your ductwork quarterly. 
High Level Cleaning 
Using advanced cleaning technology, including water-fed systems, pressure washers and cherry pickers, at Taybray, we offer a variety of high level cleaning services in Essex. 
Whether you want the windows on your office building to be sparkling clean, your brickwork is looking a little mucky, or you need to clean a hard-to-reach air conditioning system, we can help. Our team of commercial cleaners have the experience, know-how and equipment needed for a seamless job. 
Cleaning Contract Management 
Why spend your precious time managing your businesses cleaning needs rather than focusing on growth?
At Taybray, we offer complete contract cleaning services, including cleaning contract management, inspections, and reviews. Our team of contract cleaners will ensure that your property is left pristine every time we enter, whether that's daily, weekly or monthly.

In Essex, we manage cleaning contracts for dozens of offices of all sizes, as well as NHS surgeries. We also deliver building maintenance services, including plumbing and electrical services such as PAT testing
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