Is your restaurant business thriving? Keep it that way with our commercial kitchen cleaning services 
Cleanliness is everything. Let it slip and you could be looking at closure the next time the health inspector comes around. That's why, at Taybray, we recommend having your commercial kitchen deep-cleaned at least once a month. That way, you'll keep on top of dirt, grease and grime and your employees will enjoy a safe food preparation environment year-round. 

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services 
Having a spotless kitchen isn't just about wiping down the sides and mopping the floor. There's more to it. Our commercial kitchen cleaning offering also includes: 

  • Kitchen equipment cleaning – Ensure your ovens, microwave and fridges are spotless and well maintained to keep them compliant and increase their lifespan. 
  • Kitchen canopy cleaning – Your kitchen canopy can quickly become covered in grease and bacteria which, especially if blocked, can cause illness. Keep it clean to prevent the growth of dangerous mould. 
  • Extract and duct cleaning – Your extraction system is one of the most high-risk areas in your commercial kitchen. You must keep it clear and clean to prevent fire and discourage harmful bacteria which, in turn, keeps air quality high. 
The specialist equipment we use also ensures that we can reach typically hard-to-reach areas, including air conditioning systems. Therefore, with Taybray, you can rest assured that nowhere gets missed and that you remain compliant with the Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act
At the end of every clean, we will provide you with a report for proof of compliance. 

Ensure you comply with the Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act 
By keeping your professional kitchen spotless, you ensure that your business complies with the Health and Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Act. Both are designed with the best interests of your employees and customers at heart, to make sure you're serving food that's prepared in a clean environment and, therefore, safe to eat. 
These industry standards outline that your commercial kitchen must be free from harmful bacteria, grease and blockages that may otherwise result in contamination or even a fire. 
If you do not comply with the relevant standards, in case of a fire, your insurance may be void. 

Our clients 
Our team of cleaners have more than a decade of commercial kitchen cleaning experience and a roster of clients that keep coming back, including numerous long-term cleaning contracts. 
At Taybray, we work with a wealth of commercial kitchen types, including bars and restaurants, school and university canteens, public buildings, hospitals and more. 
To view a range of client testimonials, please get in touch. 

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