We are one of the leading duct cleaning companies in Essex, with more than a decade of experience delivering high-quality ductwork services throughout the county.
Ductwork, which is usually found at the highest point of a building – as well as in hidden crevices – can easily be forgotten during a standard commercial clean. That's why it's crucial you partner with a reliable duct cleaner that understands the ins and outs of TR/19-compliant ventilation cleaning.

Don't risk your livelihood 
Over time – and always quicker than you might think – dust, debris, mould, allergens such as pollen, and even pests can make a home for themselves in your building's ductwork. This, along with hazardous grease and grime, is why it's crucial you regularly impart the services of a duct cleaning specialist to keep your air vents clean. If not, you drastically increase the likelihood of fire as well as illness to those living or working in, or consuming food and drink in, your premises. 
Anything that builds up in your ductwork poses a risk as it can contaminate the air. And if you're not compliant with TR/19 standards, you may face prosecution, which will ultimately lead to substantial fines as well as the closure of your business and, thus, the loss of your livelihood and that of your employees. 

Guidance for Facilities Managers 
As a Facilities Manager, it's your job to protect your company's employees as well as the general public, including residents, against fire hazards and preventable illness due to bad air quality. And part of that protection is duct cleaning.
The ductwork in your building(s) must be maintained to ensure compliance with TR/19 guidelines. Failure to comply, including if you’re unable to provide evidence of compliance in the form of a cleaning report provided by a reputable ductwork cleaning company, you may face prosecution under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Make sure you're TR/19 compliant 
Our specialist ventilation cleaning services include frequent inspection and risk assessment, testing and deep cleaning with documentary evidence provided at the end of every clean to ensure you meet TR/19 standards. 

Our experience 
We regularly provide professional duct cleaning to businesses and buildings of virtually every type, both throughout Essex and surrounding areas. 
Our clients include restaurants, bars, public buildings, private offices, apartment buildings, communal workspaces, schools and colleges, warehouses, business parks, shopping centres, fitness centres and more. We also have hospital and healthcare facility cleaning experience, including NHS-managed surgeries. 
As well as one-off cleans, we have a roster of contracts for monthly, quarterly and bi-annual duct cleaning to ensure potential hazards remain controlled throughout the year. 
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