We are a leading provider of duct cleaning in London and surrounding counties 
Ductwork, which is often hidden out of sight, is one of the biggest risks facing businesses, especially 
in the hospitality sector. By not regularly cleaning the ducts, or ventilation system, in your premises, you promote bad air quality, filled with bacteria, that can lead to illness. If this happens, your business will be at risk of closure. 
Similarly, in a commercial kitchen, for instance, the extraction system gets clogged with grease and fat, which is a serious fire hazard. Such build up is the cause of a significant percentage of fires that occur in commercial environments every year in the UK, which is why you should regularly bring in a reputable duct cleaning company. 

How our ductwork cleaning services work 
At Taybray, we have more than decade of duct cleaning experience, including a portfolio of regular clients throughout London, Essex and surrounding areas. 
For effective duct cleaning, we use a range of extraction devices. These devices ensure that all contamination, or potential contamination, is cleared from your ventilation ducts. We support this process with thorough checks for microbiological contamination, too, which we'll disinfect if present. 
Once we have cleaned your system, we will provide a full report that you can use to demonstrate TR/19 compliance. 

What are TR/19 guidelines? 
All businesses must comply with TR/19 guidelines. They are created with the health and safety of the general public, your employees and, if applicable, residents of a building at heart.
TR/19 guidelines specify that "when a new, modified or refurbished kitchen extract system is handed over, it must be perfectly lean and full compliant." But this must be maintained year-round, throughout operation, as it makes up part of your health and safety inspection. We therefore recommend having your ductwork cleaned at least once a quarter to ensure full compliance.
Failure to comply or provide proof of compliance in case of a fire will compromise your insurance and may lead to prosecution under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Our experience and clients 
Every member of our team has extensive experience and training in commercial cleaning to ensure not only the best service but also compliance. 
At Taybray, as well as one-off services, we have ongoing contracts with a variety of leading businesses in London. Our clientele includes bars and restaurants, office buildings, public buildings, schools and colleges, residential buildings and several NHS surgeries – these must adhere to some of the strictest cleanliness guidelines around, of which our commercial cleaners meet consistently. 

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