Specialist Commercial Ductwork Cleaning in Colchester, Essex

Taybray provides complete ductwork cleaning services throughout Colchester, and in the surrounding Essex area. Our commercial ductwork cleaning is in accordance with the requirements of TR/19 – the leading industry guidance document. 
Air quality in commercial buildings it the key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions – as well as comfortable conditions for your customers. All ductwork systems become contaminated at some stage, the rate and severity of contamination depends on how often you carry out inspections. Our ductwork cleaning services use a variety of extraction devices to ensure all contamination is removed during the process, if during the ductwork cleaning process we discover any microbiological contamination we will disinfect where necessary.
If you’re based in Colchester, or within Essex or Suffolk, we can provide a full ductwork cleaning service, including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance for your business.

TR/19 Compliances

Are you a Facilities Manager?

The protection of the general public, employees, residents and properties is key aspect of healthy and safety for Facilities Managers. Commercial Ductwork Cleaning requires commercial kitchen extracts and ducts must be cleaned and maintained to ensure compliance with TR/19 guidelines. Failure to comply or provide evidence of compliance in a case of a fire can compromise insurance and the person responsible can be exposed to prosecution under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

At Taybray we offer a specialist cleaning service and support to put in place processes to ensure compliance with TR/19 guidelines, including regular inspection, testing and cleaning. In case of a fire, or 3rd party inspection, we provide full documentary evidence of inspection, testing and cleaning, to demonstrate TR/19 compliance. At Taybray we can offer advice, and services where additional access doors are required for inspection and cleaning.

Are you a Project Manager?

TR/19 compliance is required in every commercial kitchen from the outset. TR/19 is the leading industry guidance document that covers the hygiene of kitchen extract ductwork. When a new, modified or refurbished kitchen extract system is handed over to the costumer, TR/19 requires that it should be perfectly clean, and fully compliant with the guidelines. Suitable cleaning access doors which allow for complete system cleaning can ensure a long safe working life. A specialist building contract may be needed to achieve TR/19 compliance.

At Taybray we offer a professional cleaning service and support for project managers across Colchester, and Essex, in Kitchen Extract Fire Safety Cleaning and compliance. At the point of handover, we ensure that new, modified and refurbished kitchen extract ductwork is compliant and ready for a long safe life in the kitchen. As we provide a specialist, cost effective services we can also help your client to ensure their system stays compliant for the future with regular inspection, and TR/19 cleaning and maintenance.

Ductwork Cleaning and TR/19 compliance are part of our highly professional commercial cleaning service. If you would like to book in for Ductwork Cleaning in Colchester or Essex please contact our team on 07971663858.