Facilities management for restaurants and commercial kitchens 

Run a commercial kitchen? Whether it's a restaurant, canteen or pub, it's essential that you have a facilities management partner to keep everything in check.
But what is facilities management? Predominately, it entails the maintenance of your building and equipment, ensuring everything your business relies on to keep going is regularly checked, tested and, if necessary, cleaned, repaired or replaced. 

Our services 

In the hospitality sector, facilities management includes everything from electrical maintenance to extract cleaning. Our specialist services for commercial kitchens and restaurants include: 

  • PAT testing: The law requires that you ensure all "portable and electric appliances are safe and are suitable and used for the purposes intended." That's where we come in. You should have stationary and IT equipment tested every 48 months and extension leads and portable equipment tested every 24 months as a recommended minimum. 

  • Gas testing: Your gas appliances must be tested annually by a Gas Safe-registered engineer. At Taybray, we have several registered engineers on our team and conduct regular gas testing. Amongst other things, we'll check that your gas is stable and burning correctly, that it is suitable for your kitchen, and that all safety devices are working properly. 

  • Breakdowns: We are trained and certified to service lift breakdowns, power outages and boiler breakdowns. As part of your restaurant’s facilities management service, we will maintain any facilities that may be susceptible to breakdown. 

  • Pest control: When your business is food and hospitality, you are required to control pests under the food safety law and health and safety law. Not controlling pests, such as mice, on your premises will lead to the closure of your business. At Taybray, we can work with you to implement an effective pest control plan and regular maintenance to ensure your businesses keeps both its reputation and its doors open. 

  • Air conditioning: In a busy kitchen and restaurant environment, air conditioning is essential, and you notice almost immediately when it's not working correctly. But don't worry, our air conditioning specialists will service your system and get in back up and running in no time. 

  • Fire safety: We can install, service, test and replace fire alarms and fire extinguishers. In a commercial kitchen, it is recommended that you service your fire alarm quarterly to ensure it's working properly. By doing this, you ensure both customer and employee safety, and keep your insurance policy in check should anything happen to your business. 

  • Preventative maintenance: To ensure your business doesn't experience down time, it's crucial that your equipment is maintained regularly. At Taybray, we provide ongoing maintenance services and contracts so that your business is always operational and generating revenue. 

  • Extract cleaning: Over time, your extraction system will become blocked with fats, oils and other greasy deposits, which will reduce efficiency and increase fire risk. You should have your extraction system cleaned regularly to prevent fires and keep your insurance policy intact. 

  • Decorating: In a busy commercial kitchen, your décor – walls and floors especially – will rapidly lose their shine when layered with greasy deposits and grime. That's why it's important that you maintain your decor and install easy-to-clean surfaces. And we can help. At Taybray, we offer a variety of decorating services to keep your kitchen looking its best year-round. 

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