Fire dampers for ductwork – keep everything in working order 

Current industry standards recommend that fire dampers are testing and expected at least every 12 months. In doing so, you reduce the risk of fire spread in your building should the worst happen. 
At Taybray, we provide fire damper testing and inspection services for both mechanical and automated fire dampers. Our clients include offices, industrial properties and residential buildings. 

What we do 

Initially, we will locate your fire dampers and, if necessary, fit access doors to the ductwork for easy access to ensure a safe and thorough inspection. We will then: 

  • Clean and inspect all dampers 
  • Asset tag and photograph dampers 
  • Identify necessary repairs (if applicable) 
We will compile the above in a full report that meets industry standards, including a plan for how to address any repairs. 

What does an inspection involve? 
A fire damper inspection is a thorough check that ensures: 

  • The curtain is not damaged or obstructed 
  • Internal blades are operating correctly 
  • The spring mechanism is working correctly 
  • Channels and side rails are free of obstructions 
  • Dirt and contamination levels are addressed 
We will also drop test your dampers to ensure everything’s in correct working order.
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