Our commissioning services meet strict industry standards 

We provide HVAC commissioning services in new buildings as well as existing buildings with a new HVAC system. We also provide re-commissioning services for systems that need improvements or modifications per the new building owner's requirements. 

How it works 

The HVAC commissioning process is as follows: 

  • Installed equipment is checked to ensure it is correct and situated properly 
  • The start-up and shutdown sequences are verified and documented (also known as 'witnessing') 
  • Once verified, the system is tested, adjusted and balanced to ensure correct operation 
The testing and balancing process is complex and includes: 

  • Environmental checks 
  • Pressure and airflow direction checks 
  • Sound level readings 
  • Clean room testing 
Once we have commissioned your HVAC system, you will receive a full report that details the settings of your system and includes a checklist for each process carried out during the commissioning.
All our services meet industry standard, including Part L Building Regulations, CIBSE guidelines and BSRIA application guidance.
Please contact us arrange your HVAC commissioning service.