Professional ventilation system cleaning throughout Essex 

It is crucial that you properly maintain your ventilation's hygiene, otherwise you put your employees, as well as the public, at risk of illness from poor air quality. Not to mention, if you fail to clean your extraction system, you increase the risk of fire and may compromise your insurance policy in the process. 

Our ventilation services 
We provide a variety of ventilation system cleaning solutions, including: 

  • Ventilation duct cleaning – Suitable for warehousing, retail spaces, restaurants and other public areas to drastically improve your building's air quality 
  • Extract cleaning – Remove greasy deposits from your extraction system to improve air flow and reduce fire risk 
  • Pre-commissioning HVAC cleaning – Ensure your HVAC system is free of dust and potentially dangerous particles before commissioning the system 
All our services comply with TR/19 regulations and all our staff are fully trained and certified.
We can work with you to provide ongoing ventilation hygiene maintenance. We recommend bi-annual duct and extract cleaning at the very least to keep your air quality and building's safety in check.
Contact us to book your ventilation system cleaning or maintenance service. We offer out-of-hours services to ensure minimal disruption to your business.